Reactive Maps demo application

Try out our Reactive Maps demo, which is an Akka cluster application with resilience assured by ConductR and observed in real-time by Lightbend Monitoring.

Step 1 Check out Reactive Maps

Reactive Maps is a demo application that visualizes the location of various bots roaming around the world, from North Carolina and Oregon to Barcelona, Stockholm and Tokyo. Check out the Reactive Maps demo application. Want to see how it works? Explore the source code and find out more about the application in the Activator tutorial for Reactive Maps.

Step 2 Go behind the scenes with Monitoring

Want to see a bug? Reactive Maps has some errors that we introduced into the code and Lightbend Monitoring is enabled. You can investigate the associated actor metrics in the Grafana dashboard.

Step 3 See what’s running it all with ConductR

Behind the scenes of Reactive Maps is ConductR. ConductR focuses on maintaining system resilience, deploying microservices and self-healing your apps, nodes and even network partitions when something happens. Get a crystal clear view of the actual production deployment in the ConductR visualizer.

Step 4 Get Lightbend Reactive Platform

At the core of everything you see here is Lightbend Reactive Platform, a certified, enterprise-grade technology stack for organizations serious about building and deploying microservices-based Reactive applications. With additional commercial features, automated notifications, bug fixes and unlimited expert support, the doorway to Going Reactive is wide open: get started with Reactive Platform.

Want to speak with someone at Lightbend? Simply request contact and someone will be with you shortly.